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Church to residential conversion

Composition: Detached 4 floors


Tenure: Freehold


Purchase Price: 200'000


Purpose: Will be refurbished and transformed into 8 apartment units.


Planning Permission: Approved.

This property is very located, easy commute to Manchester city , market, Ikea, train station and bus station.

Commercial to residential conversion

Composition: Commercial to be turned into residential


Tenure: Freehold


Purchase Price: 350’000


Planning Permission: In progress



Purpose: Will be refurbished and transformed into 10 apartment units.


(4) 1 bedroom Apartment and (6) 2 bedroom to accommodate young professionals which are looking to buy their first property

This property is surrounded by residential properties and recreational resources for the local community.

Easy commute to Manchester city , the towns’ bus and train stations are within an easy walk.

Just a few meters walk from Parks and close to Commercial


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